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Standco RED BULL brake lining is a densely woven, semi-flexible lining impregnated with an organic binder and surface-ground to assure maximum contact with the drum. It has no layers to separate and peel off.

RED BULL lining is woven from carefully selected non-asbestos materials utilizing soft, ductile wire for greater heat dissipation and to provide exceptional non-scoring properties and mechanical strength. The wire not only dissipates heat but also reinforces when holes are drilled for holding screws. It can be furnished either in curved segments (blocks), cut to length, drilled and countersunk for any make of brake band or furnished in lengths of approximately 30 feet rolls. The lining can then be cut with a crosscut saw, drilled and countersunk in the field by a crew.

RED BULL is non-abrasive and highly thermal efficient. RED BULL is score-resistant, keeping the flanges smooth and in a highly polished condition. Yet the RED BULL lining adapts easily for quick seating. In RED BULL brake lining and brake blocks, friction dependability and predictability are brought about by friction stability, ensuring uniform action from the very first day of service to the last.

RED BULL woven lining has a smooth and positive performance with an adequate reserve for sudden shock loads. Many years of research and development resulted in a proven and dependable woven lining that provides stable friction performance for longer periods under greater shock loads, increased temperatures and faster rubbing speeds.

RED BULL woven lining is manufactured under exacting quality control, to rigid specifications and delivers superior stability and more wear life even in the most demanding applications. For the very best in woven brake lining, always specify Standco RED BULL.