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Along with our world-famous RED BULL Brake Blocks & Linings, we offer other high quality oilfield products.  Read their descriptions and discover why we are the best in the business!
Brake Blocks & Linings
Standco's high quality RED BULL brake blocks are available for all drawworks and are manufactured to rigid quality standards. RED BULL brake blocks have excellent wear characteristics and superior friction performance. Contact us for a complete brake block catalog. Click here for more details.
Well Servicing Brake Blocks New asbestos free Well Servicing Brake Blocks designed specifically for the demanding environment of well servicing. After several years of intensive R&D Standco has developed an unparalleled asbestos free block. Outstanding friction characteristics, low fade, extended wear life, and employee safety make this block the only choice for the well servicing industry. Click here for more information.
Standco Special Fillister-Head Brake Lining Screws Years of oilfield use have proved the extra holding power of fillister-head screws.  Thick 120° beveled head absorbs thrust of the blocks, preventing them from working lose or pulling the screw head through the blocks.  Need for brass ferrules is eliminated.  Brass screws will not score the the rim should they contact it.  Please Note: For the Standco Brake Block guarantee to be valid, 3/8" fillister-head screws must be used with brake blocks 11/8-in. or more thick.
Standco Brass Flat-Head Screws Standco flat-head screws have a 120° beveled face which seats in the counter-bore of the block and holds it securely against he band.  5/16" screws are recommended for use only with blocks less than 1 1/8" thick.  Brass screws will not score the rim.
Standco Lock Nuts Lock nuts are strongly recommended for mounting brake blocks.  Standco lock nuts hold securely - will not back off - and eliminate the need for peening screws.
Standco Brake Block Plugs Protect brake rims by filling the screw holes on the brake blocks with plugs.  Plugs provide a uniform braking surface, increased friction area and eliminate uneven, streaked wear on the rims.   Metal chips and other debris cannot collect in the screw holes.
Standco Oilfield Brushes Our brushes are designed specifically for rig use.  Shoe handle wire brushes an durable rig scrub brushes (short and long handle) are perfect for clean-ups and routine maintenance.  Standco tool joint, drill collar, casing and tubing thread doping brushes are used on rigs around the world!
High Performance Clutch Facings

Gear Tooth and Plain-Drilled, Full Ring and Segmented

Standco manufacturers molded friction discs for most clutch sizes and makes in general use.  For drilling rigs, well-servicing units, geophysical drills, pump engines, etc.  Also for catheads, off-the-road machinery, winches, cranes and other industrial equipment as well as special applications.  Sizes range from 4 to 36 inches in diameter, from 5/32 to 1 1/4 inches thick.  Many sizes available for delivery out of stock.  Standco clutch facings offer smooth operation, slow wear rate and excellent heat resistance.  Coefficient of friction is matched to equipment manufacturer specifications.  Materials are engineered for minimum and and rapid recovery.