Standco Industries, Inc.
#6 - 1701 Summit Ave
Plano, Texas 75074-8175
Phone: 214-473-8631
Toll Free: 800-811-6849
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Asbestos-Free Friction Products for All Medium and Heavy Duty Friction Applications
Standco Molded Products
Clutch Facings Gear Tooth
Plain Ring
Drilled Ring
Segmented & Drilled
Molded Blocks Flat Back-Radiused Faced
Drilled & Counter-bored
Key-Lock Grooved
Molded Clutch Pads Standard or Custom
Industrial Off-the-road machinery
Winches an windlasses
Cranes and shovels
Other equipment for logging, mining, construction, marine and quarry industries
Oilfield Drilling rigs
Well servicing units
Geophysical drills
Pumping unit engines
All Molded Products Five standard materials w/individual characteristics
Coefficient of friction matched to application
Low wear rate
High heat resistance
Minimum fade and rapid recovery
With or without metallic particles
Clutch Facings 6" through 44" and segments for larger sizes
Gear tooth, plain or segments
All popular sizes and makes
Molded Blocks Dense, rigid materials
Ground to exact shape and size
Flat or radiused
Special Standco Features Machine-hobbed gear teeth, for more accurate tooth fit
Sheet Stock Precision-ground on both surfaces