Standco Industries, Inc. - oilfield and industrial products, non-asbestos brake linings




Standco Industries, Inc.
#6 - 1701 Summit Ave
Plano, Texas 75074-8175
Phone: 214-473-8631
Toll Free: 800-811-6849
Fax: 214-473-8635
Since 1912, the name Standco has been synonymous with excellent
craftsmanship, technical expertise and superior quality. Standco Industries,
Inc. continues to develop new, technically advanced products to meet
tomorrow's demanding applications. Located at 2701 Clinton Drive,
Houston, Texas, Standco manufactures products used in original equipment
manufacturing, power transmission, oil and gas drilling, petrochemical,
refining, pipeline, marine, pulp and paper equipment, mining, construction
equipment and off road vehicles.